Volunteer Qualifications

All who serves at HKAM MUST be saved (accept Jesus Christ as Lord) and a member of the ministry and seeks to live a life of Jesus Christ.

  • Be Baptised by Immersion in water
  •  Have a Personal intimate relationship with God through Jesus    Christ
  • Have gone through the entire membership process, which is:
 Received salvation,
 Be water baptism
 Complete Faith Foundation classes (for New Converts) or      Membership classes for church migrants,
  • Have had your membership application approved and have been received into the HKAM family through receiving the right “hand of fellowship”
  • Be in Agreement with HKAM vision and values and church structure
  • Attend Bible Study regularly
  • Must be a Tithe paying member of HKAM
  • Attend ministry-specific seminars, workshops, training sessions as is necessary for you to be efficient and effective in your ministry