To advance the Kingdom of God in the earth as it is in Heaven, causing the Church to be acknowledged as the greatest institution on Earth, Matt. 6:10, Rev. 11:15. 



To proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ, save souls, teach, equip, develop, and establish people in the Word of God; thereby propagating the Good News while advancing the Kingdom of God in the earth.



God has given an End-Time mandate to this a chosen ministry which God named; Holiness Kingdom Ambassadors Intl. Ministries, We are to preach the message of repentance, disciple those that come so that they will live a delivered and holy life.  Our very existence is to usher souls to God to encounter the transforming power of salvation; and in so doing we will  change society, impact generations of every nations, thereby advancing the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and accomplishing the great commission through the power of the life-transforming word of God.

This ministry is commissioned by the Living God to help others; by teaching God’s word, birthing deliverance and breakthroughs in, through, and for people of all nations of the world; by using the various dynamics of prayer, repentance, teaching, praise, petition and spiritual warfare; causing multitudes who are in bondage to be set free by the power of the preached word of Jesus Christ.  Its leaders proclaim God; by living an exemplary life of HOLINESS.  Holiness Kingdom Ambassadors Intl. Ministries is also called to teach victorious kingdom living to the Body of Christ by transformation of the mind through the word of God, thereby moving God’s people into the promises, provisions, and power of God.


As a Vanguard of Holiness unto God we endeavour to see the gates of hell desolate and the kingdom of God overflowing in its abundance.